Nesting Box Workshop


The attached flyer relates to two workshops being run at Eastern Hills High School to involve residents from 2014 January 12th bushfire affected areas (ie the Black area) to learn about, and build habitat boxes for their property. 

Contact details for the workshop can be found on the flyer.


Ian Z


Restricted Burning

We are currently in the Autumn 2015 restricted burning period.  This means that if you want to conduct any burning (other than small piles after 6pm) you will need a permit from your local Brigade.  The Stoneville Brigade is open between 9:30 - 11:00am each Saturday.

If you have a valid permit you must adhere to the conditions imposed.

We have been called out to a number of fires in the last few weeks that have been reignitions of permitted burns.  The weather is still dry and warm and fires can spread easily.

Make sure every fire is OUT before leaving it unattended.


Ian Zlatnik (Captain)

Donation to Jane Brook Catchment Group

Last night the Stoneville Volunteer Bushfire Brigade donated $500 to complete the purchase of a mulcher for use by the Jane Brook Catchment Group.

Jenny Johnson from the Group attended the Brigade general meeting to accept the cheque that was presented by our Treasurer Barry Guzder.

The mulcher will be used to remove woody weeds from Reserves in the Stoneville, Parkerville and Mount Helena areas to reduce the fire hazard in these Reserves.  Each of these Brigades also donated to the purchase.

We look forward to working witht he Catchment Group in reducing the fire hazards in our area and making the ares "Bushfire Ready".


Ian Zlatnik



An open letter from the President of the Stoneville Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

To the thieves that broke into the Stoneville Shop at 0550hrs on Thursday 5th March 2015.

As if the break in wasn’t a low enough act, depriving hard working people of their livelihood, you then stooped lower and stole the fire extinguisher clearly marked Stoneville Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade containing donations from the people of Stoneville. I would say you live in the Stoneville community or close by. During last years fire I would even suspect your home your parents’ home or friends’ home was defended by members of our Brigade or another Volunteer Brigade within the shire.

The donations you have stolen were made by people from within the Stoneville community who appreciate the commitment and hard work made by Volunteer Fire Fighters who put their lives on the line to defend your community. Your contribution to this commitment is to steal these donations.

These donations help provide things that ease the pressure of the Volunteers on and off the fire ground. If you are capable of read Saturdays the 7th’s West on Summer of Fires it will give you some idea of what you stole, contributes to.

The next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself and then your mate, where you are going. If you can stoop this low now, what does the future hold? I think there is only one answer to that!  

I realise by this time those donations will be long gone on who knows what. If you have not destroyed the fire extinguisher, for what it’s worth, it would be appreciated if you would leave it at the Fire Station in Bentley Street or back at the shop you stole it from.

I could say more but I think I would be wasting good words.

If anyone reading this is aware of anyone involved in this theft, please help us now and report it to the Police.

Word just to hand is you have also stolen the donations from Parkerville Shop and Sawyers Valley Hotel for the Volunteer Brigades in those areas.


Mick Warnock


Stoneville Volunteer

Bushfire Brigade

6th March 2015


March Bushfire Ready Theme - Get to know your neighbours

Get involved in Neighbour Day on Sunday 29th March

Coordinated by Relationships Australia, Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, bringing together the people next door, across the street or on the next farm for a chat, a barbie or just a cuppa.

For more information or to register to receive a free e-kit to help you plan and promote your event, visit the Neighbour Day website at

The March bushfire ready brochure can be found here.



Ian Z


Darling Range ICV on display

Darling Range Incident Control Vehicle (ICV), will be on display at Mundaring shops (probably next to Flight Centre) on Sunday the 15th.  Everyone is welcome to come along and have a look at this latest addition to our fire-fighting capability in the Hills.

Darling Range ICV


Ian Z


Heavenly Hectares

This weekend the Shire is hosting a free Heavenly Hectares workshop available to all Shire residents.  This 3 hour workshop covers property planning, landscaping and building design using environmental and firewise principles.  It’s a fabulous opportunity to pickup some valuable information for the existing or new hill’s resident.

A brochure for the event can be downloaded here


Ian Z


Fire Wise Gardens - short video

Good morning all,

The following link is an episode filmed by Chris Ferreira, Director of  The Forever Project and aired this summer. 

The video is only 3 minutes and portrays the importance of fire wise gardens in simplistic terms.


Ian Z


Christmas - Santa's coming to Stoneville

Santa's coming to Stoneville soon!!

In keeping with our Christmas tradition, the Stoneville Brigade volunteers will be out on the streets from 3pm on Christmas Eve to help Santa deliver lollies throughout Stoneville.

Help us keep this tradition thriving by meeting us in the streets with your kids.

If you have missed out in past years, drop us a line at and let us know which streets have a lot of children who would like to meet Santa.

Keep an ear out of Christmas Eve and join us for some festive fun.

Best wishes and keep safe

Ian Z.



Bushfire Ready Action Groups

Hi Everyone,

There's been some real movement in the formation of Bush Fire Ready Action Groups (BRAG) in Stoneville, with Mark Taylor, our local facilitator leading the charge.

Since the bushfires of early 2014, interest has grown in ensuring our community, at a local street level is prepared for bushfire and BRAG is a prefect way for neighbours to come together and discuss bushfire topics and their personal and street level action plans.

Each month, DFES provide a topic for discussion, and the local coordinator is able to provide guidance and training materials.

So far there are groups being formed in Timbertop Way, Brinkie Way, Short Street, Higginson Road, Kensitt Street, Richardson Road and Kalari Way.  If you are interested in forming a group for your street, please contact the Stoneville BRAG coordinator, Mark Taylor by leaving a message on the Stoneville Station message bank on 9295 6457 or via email at


Ian Zlatnik



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