To the thieves that broke into the Stoneville Shop at 0550hrs on Thursday 5th March 2015.

As if the break in wasn’t a low enough act, depriving hard working people of their livelihood, you then stooped lower and stole the fire extinguisher clearly marked Stoneville Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade containing donations from the people of Stoneville. I would say you live in the Stoneville community or close by. During last years fire I would even suspect your home your parents’ home or friends’ home was defended by members of our Brigade or another Volunteer Brigade within the shire.

The donations you have stolen were made by people from within the Stoneville community who appreciate the commitment and hard work made by Volunteer Fire Fighters who put their lives on the line to defend your community. Your contribution to this commitment is to steal these donations.

These donations help provide things that ease the pressure of the Volunteers on and off the fire ground. If you are capable of read Saturdays the 7th’s West on Summer of Fires it will give you some idea of what you stole, contributes to.

The next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself and then your mate, where you are going. If you can stoop this low now, what does the future hold? I think there is only one answer to that!

I realise by this time those donations will be long gone on who knows what. If you have not destroyed the fire extinguisher, for what it’s worth, it would be appreciated if you would leave it at the Fire Station in Bentley Street or back at the shop you stole it from.

I could say more but I think I would be wasting good words.

If anyone reading this is aware of anyone involved in this theft, please help us now and report it to the Police.

Word just to hand is you have also stolen the donations from Parkerville Shop and Sawyers Valley Hotel for the Volunteer Brigades in those areas.

Mick Warnock
Stoneville Volunteer Bushfire Brigade
6th March 2015