Hi Everyone,

There’s been some real movement in the formation of Bush Fire Ready Action Groups (BRAG) in Stoneville, with Mark Taylor, our local facilitator leading the charge.

Since the bushfires of early 2014, interest has grown in ensuring our community, at a local street level is prepared for bushfire and BRAG is a prefect way for neighbours to come together and discuss bushfire topics and their personal and street level action plans.

Each month, DFES provide a topic for discussion, and the local coordinator is able to provide guidance and training materials.

So far there are groups being formed in Timbertop Way, Brinkie Way, Short Street, Higginson Road, Kensitt Street, Richardson Road and Kalari Way.  If you are interested in forming a group for your street, please contact the Stoneville BRAG coordinator, Mark Taylor by leaving a message on the Stoneville Station message bank on 9295 6457 or via email at LT1@stoneville.bfb.asn.au.


Ian Zlatnik