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Frequently asked questions

Joining the Stoneville Brigade is as easy as contacting a Brigade Officer and completing an Application for Membership and Induction. 

The Station is manned every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 11:30am

Stoneville Brigade can also be contacted via email or you may phone the Station on 92956457.

Firefighting is restricted to physically fit members over the age of 16.

Active firefighters may also hold administrative positions.

DFES require that all volunteers be subject to a Western Australian Police and Identity check prior to being accepted by the Shire as a volunteer firefighter.

No, Social or Ordinary members are not involved in fire fighting. There are no age restrictions on Social or Ordinary members.

People may join the Brigade as social members and get involved in Brigade activities, but not hold an administrative position or have voting rights.

Ordinary members may hold Administrative positions and have full voting rights.

Being a volunteer Firefighter carries with it responsibilities to your fellow Firefighters and the Community which must be taken seriously.

Brigade members are expected to commit to actively participating in the necessary Training, Brigade activities, and to make themselves available to attend incidents when on Roster, or during other times as and when required.

All volunteer firefighters are required to complete basic training and demonstrate competency in the field under supervised conditions prior to attending wildfires.

Training courses are conducted several times a year, with a break during the summer months. 

The basic training pathway for all volunteer bush fire firefighters is:

  • Induction (provided at the Brigade when an application for membership is completed)
  • Introduction to Firefighting
  • Bush Firefighting
  • Structural Firefighting

All training for the Brigade is coordinated by the Brigade Training Officer.  Contact our Training Officer with any questions here

Beyond this, there are more advanced courses available through the Mundaring Fire School and DFES. All managed through the newly launched Voluteer Portal

Jeff Bromilow is our Captain, Jeff has been a firefighter for many years and works in Heavy Construction OH&S. He can be contacted on Saturday mornings at the station or email the brigade here

First thing is to enjoy your time with us and Stay Safe!

As volunteers your involvement is up to you – we are all in this together.

The brigade works on a roster system so you will be on call 1 week per month outside traditional work hours.

If you can make it any emergencies outside this time our communication system allows you to let the brigade know when you are available – during the day or through the week. There is no expectation of this however.

Your will get the access to our on call system, all the required safety equipment. We do not expect you to spend money on these essential items