Our Equipment

The Stoneville Fire Brigade operates and maintains a wide variety of specialised equipment. From trailers to blowers to road going emergency response vehicles to the trust rake. Currently we have two purpose built firefighting trucks

Light Tanker

The light tanker is built for mobility. One of our most used pieces of equipment, the light tanker has seen steep slopes, dunes, thick bush land and open farmland.

The light tanker serves as a fast attack appliance, capable of negotiating most situations likely to be encountered in regional areas.

The light tanker is a versatile appliance, having the capability of being used at incidents such as bushfires and structural fires.

Light Tankers carry 550 ltrs of Water.

1.4 Tanker

Our 1.4 tanker is capable of carrying 6 firefighters though steep and chellenging terrain. Fitted with addtioanl storage capacity the tanker can handle nearly every type of situation.

The Rural 1.4 Tanker is a 4 wheel drive truck capable of moving in heavy bush land.

All Members who operate this vehicle have specialised training and licensing. Active Firefighters will be provided with driver training, as operators need a MR license.

1.4’s carry 1000 Litres

Other equipment


Incident Control

Purpose built vehicle for Internal radio operations,internal incident management & external briefings. Communications equipment includes UHF, VHF high band, VHF mid band, HF radio / 3G & 4G cellular / BGAN satellite.

Water tank

Water Carriers

These flexible and well used water carriers hook up quickly to the vehicles. Each on comes with heavy duty suspension, its own connection equipment and pump.

Stoneville Light Tanker - December 2013


These are used to clear track, create controlled burn breaks and do a bit of tidying up on the ground and on the the vehicle platforms